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    The Boomwave is a company located in Malaysia. It's a slight new company that has just been found. When I saw their advertisement on another Chinese Iphone forum. I was definitely attractted by its unique design. Shopping around on the web site, I finally made my mind of purchasing the following two cases.

    They are not something expensive, so I thought I would give it a try. Waiting for three weeks, I finally received my pacakge.

    First I want to talk about the KLIPS BLOODBONE - BLACK case. Although it has some nicely design image on the case, it does not have the perfect thickness as I expected since I was looking for something that's good looking and slim fit. Using for two weeks, I have concluded some pros and cons of this case.

    • Slim fit (but not as slim as what I expected)
    • Perfect fitment
    • Unique design, you can rarely find someone using the same case
    • Comes with an extra clear case and screen protector

    • Easy to get scratched up
    • Does not provide full protection to the chrome trim
    • Does not provide enough protection for edges

    I personally think it is just a "show" case, not something that provide decent protection to the phone.

    I have not used the other case which has a leather surface a lot, but I did test fitted it. It has a similar fitment and slightly better protection.

    I consider both of them to be decent case for a decent price. However, I am actually looking for something that's slightly slimmer. As a result, if anyone is intersted of getting one of them, you might want to contact me as I might be selling both of them.
    2009-11-25 10:58 AM
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    Now with some pictures I took

    I have taken pictures of the cases

    2009-12-02 07:29 AM