1. Criss's Avatar
    Incipio Ranger Case on Amazon

    • The Good:
    • Picked it up for ~$30 after shipping.
    • Shipping was quick (priority mail), although it did take an extra day to process since Amazon had to pass it on to the merchant.
    • Inside is lined with micro suede, a major + in my book to prevent scratching.
    • Outside does have visible stitching but it is very dark, and hardly noticeable. (another huge +, I can't stand a black case with white stitching)
    • iPhone fits very snuggly - I was really impressed with how well it fit. You won't have any accidental fallout unless you let go of your phone, because the case sure isn't.

      The Bad:
    • It doesn't come directly from Amazon, rather one of it's merchants.
    • Didn't have any real packaging of its own. Came in a plastic baggie, packed inside a padded priority mail envelope.
    • Logo - it does have an embossed logo on the outside, but it's not very visible as it is just pressed into the leather rather than embroidered, or colored.

      Other info:
    • No headphone management - for those of you wanting something that will store your headphones as well, this isn't for you.
    • Headphone port however is usable, when the phone is facing inward, also positioning the volume and vibration switches upward making them usable without removing the phone from the case.
    • Tight belt clip - THIS THING IS GOING NOWHERE. Once you clip it, it stays. No sliding from this baby, it sticks like glue.

    Not a bad case for what it costs compared to others, and it was shipped out quickly and 200 times better looking than the cases at my AT&T store.
    2007-07-11 10:25 PM
  2. smlaux's Avatar
    I picked up the same case (in red) at Target for $12.99 + tax. Might want to check your local retailers first next time.
    2007-07-12 03:56 AM
  3. Criss's Avatar
    i live in retail hell... they never have anything. i wanted to buy shooter on dvd when it came out, and they stayed out of stock for 2 weeks.
    2007-07-12 03:22 PM