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  1. Slims even's Avatar
    Gumdrop drop series cases
    Either the military style which has dust filters or reg style without filters $59. & $69.
    Puts otterbox and griffin to shame. The best money I ever spent. Total protection.
    For your iPhone there is none better. Keeps it brand new over time
    2012-02-15 06:26 AM
  2. ilovemymac's Avatar
    I've always preferred to use my ipad naked, nothing beats holding the beauty in the hand. I received a fabrix magic sleeve last year for my ipad2 from my gf and I will probably continue to use it for my new ipad 3 (horay!).

    For those looking for a slot in sleeve, i highly recommend them. very well crafted and pretty cool prints.

    anyway im on their mailing list and they have an on going promotion till 16th Mar, just enter "showmethemagic" when checking out and you can receive a 15% discount i think.
    2012-03-14 04:12 PM
  3. Slims even's Avatar
    Thanks. That is a good bit of advice. You know. ,if I had a choice I would stay non cased whenever possible but my bad habits of falling asleep on the lazy boy and on the porch dictates I have the most protection possible. No less than gum drop - drop series or griffin survivor. I have let my device slide off my lap so many times only to find my Doberman licking it or sleeping on it himself. Honestly, the device is pristine like the day unboxed it. I envy anyone who can enjoy an iPad without a case. Thanks for the heads up on the discount though.
    2012-03-14 08:56 PM
  4. tiffanick's Avatar
    The GumBall Drop Tech case is a good addition to one's iPad using experience(as it is a great fall breaker).
    But i never drop my iPad again since i've used aircase with airholder in bed. Two corners of my iPad2 dented seriously before i used GumBall Drop cases. Indeed, it can't stop me from falling sleep again...
    2012-06-01 08:06 PM
  5. RyaStarling's Avatar
    i recently bought a extreme mac snap on back for my ipad 3, i found it fit very well however i am concerned that one side isn't covered and completely exposed. iPhone Accessories, iPhone Cases, iPod Accessories & Cases: XtremeMac
    I also bought a cheap screen for now until i could afford a better one, i was a gnarly fish universal screen protector kit, it came with two screens, i found the screens were way too much so i simply cut it to size. It works very well, it does have some glare and the air bubbles dont come out easily (i spent three hours trying to get them all out even with a credit card and theres still some that wont move).
    2012-06-04 03:41 AM
  6. lindsaymartin's Avatar
    I always love my iPad, I even bought a custom ipad cases for it with my favorite quotes embossed in it and my name of course.
    2012-12-06 06:10 AM
  7. somnambulist's Avatar
    If you want to start getting compliments at coffee shops on your iPad case like I usually do then get the Evio VersaBook case
    2013-02-15 05:41 AM
  8. Abina's Avatar
    Thanks, I also want to get the best ipad cases.I know that there are many other accessories online include USB cables,ipad speaker,ipad stands and so on.
    2013-03-12 09:49 AM
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