1. Dorkington's Avatar
    Anyone know of anything that's out yet?
    Photographer - ASYLUM(nsfw)
    2010-04-06 03:48 PM
  2. ysbb's Avatar
    I got one from Cimo Cases, works well, easy to put on.
    2010-04-08 06:56 AM
  3. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    Here is the link to order a screen protector for your iPad...

    Screen Protector : Cimo Cases, We got you covered
    2010-04-09 02:53 AM
  4. PhoneLine's Avatar
    Check out their ebay listings also. I just ordered a screen protector and silicone case bundle for 17 dollars on their auctions. Via the site it would have been 25 for the items separately.
    2010-04-10 01:45 AM
  5. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    I got one from Cimo Cases, works well, easy to put on.
    Hows your screen look with your screen protector on it? Is it gritty?
    2010-04-10 03:27 AM
  6. twinturbo350z@satx.rr.com's Avatar
    how does the screen protector line up does it go over there edges? i ordered one off ebay from a diffrent company and it went over the edges.
    2010-04-10 12:57 PM
  7. ysbb's Avatar
    Lines up perfectly on mine. No bubbles or anything. I thought it would be hard to put on but it was pretty damn easy.
    2010-04-10 07:16 PM
  8. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    ^ is your screen gritty looking with it on?
    2010-04-10 09:36 PM
  9. Wongster360's Avatar
    I just installed the Zagg Invisible Shield and it's awesome. It comes with film to cover the front and backside of the unit with nothing on the sides. I like that so I won't have to worry about any funky corners peeling off like on the iPhone.
    2010-04-11 07:49 AM
  10. Poseidon79's Avatar
    No screen protector is going to prevent finger prints. Wash your hands more often.
    2010-04-11 07:53 AM
  11. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    You can was your hands all you want, it won't stop your skin from excreting oils
    2010-04-11 09:55 PM
  12. ysbb's Avatar
    ^ is your screen gritty looking with it on?
    Nope it was clear as day. THe first day it was a little weird but was gone by the second day.
    2010-04-12 09:15 PM
  13. Jayman11's Avatar
    going today to get the bodyguardz film put on the front, back and sides of mine. That looks to be pretty good, know a couple people that have it on their phones and they swear by it.

    well i got my bodyguardz yesterday. Looks great since you really cannot tell it's on there. Covers screen, back and sides. No reduction in clarity or touch screen sensitivity. Only issue I found was I went to wipe fingerprints off this morning with a microfiber cloth and somehow got some small scratches on the protector. Definitely better than getting them on the glass. Company says they wouldnt scratch but it did, at least they have a lifetime warranty so let's see what they do now that I emailed them about it.
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    2010-04-14 03:30 PM