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    I crused the internet checking out prices for screen protectors. I just could not bring myself to spend $25.00 for one so I ended up ordering mine from Cell Phone Accessories, Mobile Phone Accessories, Cell Phone Batteries at Accessory Geeks

    As for shopping there I like that you don't have to pay for shipping and talk about quick shipping! Ordered on 4-29-10 and received on 5-1-10! I am happy with my screen protectors. I bought the crystal ones because I like to see the beautiful colors on my screen. It was more than easy for me to apply it and I didn't get any dust under it either and only used one of them to do it! So I have one left!

    If your not OCD you might have a little trouble putting one on.. lol but really I felt it was VERY easy to put on.

    The hole in the screen protector matches perfect also.

    In the package you get the screen protector and a cloth. I have seen better cloths but after a few shakes to get the loose fibers off I was able to use it. As far as a card to smooth out any bubbles... you will have to dig into your purse or wallet for a credit card to do so because one is not included but that was ok with me...

    Over all I will purchase from them again... Once and a while you can get the Premium ones for $9.99 for two.

    Premium = Crystal ones click below = 2 for $12.99

    Avoid scratches w/ the Premium Apple iPad High Quality Screen Protector 2-Pack Combo Shipped Free.

    Anti Glare click below = 1 for $12.99

    Avoid oil prints w/ Apple iPad Premium Quality Screen Protector & get it Shipped Free.
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    Sounds like a good deal....especially with no shipping. Does anyone else have experience with these guys?
    2010-05-01 07:44 PM
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    Sounds nice, I ordered the eBay special. Haha. But for $11 I got a tpa or whatever gel style case and a screen protector. It should be here by Friday
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2010-05-06 05:39 AM
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    I am waiting for the Apple case for Ipad. Should I need screen protector?
    2010-05-06 05:59 AM
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    Anyone know how these compare to the powersupport one???
    2010-05-10 09:08 PM
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    I am waiting for the Apple case for Ipad. Should I need screen protector?
    Even though I have the Apple case myself I bought these....

    Anyone know how these compare to the powersupport one???
    That is all I ever used was the powersupport ones..... thought I would give these a try... for the money I think they are worth it.

    The only thing I did noticed is like a rainbow effect on it when the iPad is turned off, and you have to view it from a angle to notice it..... you can not see this when it is turned on though.... as I stated I am happy with it and will order from these guys again....
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