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    I picked this up a while back at a Brookstone store (they have their name on it and it's not marked as being an S3, but at 2600mAh, it is) to keep my iPhone going when I'm flying to Johannesburg via Frankfurt or 'direct' through Dakar.

    I discovered, like so many others, that the iPad really needs 2A to charge (though it may be able to 'trickle-charge' on lower powered ports when 'sleeping') so I thought I'd give it a try. The power adapter (DPA012) has two-USB ports and is rated at 2A. It doesn't indicate if you need to tap both ports to get that, or if you can get it from one port. As I type, I'm using the iPad cable inserted into a single USB port on that adapter and it is charging. To stress test it, I'm using Slingplayer, over WiFi and it's charged from 72% to 73%, gaining a percentage point in about 7 minutes.

    The Bluepack S3 battery showed 2 of 3 blue lights lit when I plugged the iPad into it and it drained it pretty quick, gaining a single percentage point. I'm going to completely recharge the battery pack and try it again, giving it a more fair test. Keep in mind that the iPad batterie(s) put out about 6600mAh, so a 2600mAh battery is going to probably give it about a 1/3 to 1/2 charge (1/2 would be nice).

    Not a bad repurposing of a battery I originally got to extend recreational activities on the iPhone. I do sleep a lot on the planes (liquor and Diphenhydramine do wonders), so I'm hoping that on the next long trip, the long battery life that the iPad has, plus the one 2600mAh battery I have will get me there. At least I should be able to arrive with a nearly fully charged iPhone since I'll be off-loading most of the battery consuming activities to the iPad.
    2010-05-10 05:58 AM