1. Patrick G.'s Avatar
    We need a sticky along the lines of, "iPhone 4 Bumper-Compatible Dock Watch".

    I cannot find a single dock online that will allow the iPhone 4 to be charged with its bumper installed. The closest I've found is the Konnet iCrado which uses your existing connector cable. However, the metal part of the connector does not sit up high enough (or is not long enough) to allow the iPhone 4 to be charged on the dock with the bumper installed. The phone sits nicely on the dock, but it's not making enough contact to charge the phone. If there was a way to trim the plastic down on the connector a millimeter or two, it would allow the phone to sit down on the metal charging contact enough to work. However, I do not know of a "clean enough" way to trim that plastic down. Anyway, I digress...

    I want to know as soon as someone makes available a dock that will allow the iPhone 4 to be charged with its bumper, and a sticky would be one way to facilitate that.

    I hate Apple for its white (read: no black option) docks, charging cables and connectors, and its crappy non-contact-based/non-wireless charging ports (learn something from the BlackBerry why don't ya).
    2010-06-26 09:57 PM
  2. ErikH's Avatar
    I got this from overstock last year. It's black, and charges my 3gs and now my 4 fine in their cases. I just don't use any of the adapters.
    Apple iPhone 3G Cradle Docking Station Charger | Overstock.com
    2010-06-26 11:49 PM
  3. Patrick G.'s Avatar
    ErikH, so you are using that with the iPhone 4? Which case are using? Not the bumper by chance? The problem with the bumper case is that the opening at the bottom of the case for the charge port is EXACTLY as wide as the plastic on the charge connector end. So, if the dock's port is any wider, it causes the phone to sit up too high and the charger's connector can't make contact.

    I would be one happy fellow if you tell me you're using that dock with the iPhone 4 + bumper! If you're not, I don't suppose you have a way to test it with the bumper case???

    Oh, and what did you mean by, "I just don't use any of the adapters."?
    2010-06-27 04:20 AM
  4. ErikH's Avatar
    I'm using the Griffin reveal currently. It is a universal type dock, so without the adapters for ipods, iphones, etc, the charging port on it is long enough to reach through any case I have come across so far.
    2010-06-27 05:27 AM
  5. Patrick G.'s Avatar
    I don't suppose you'd be willing to take a close-up of the bottom of your 4 with the case on, and possibly the dock without adapter so I can determine if it will work with the bumper case?

    Even if it does, just my luck that dock appears to be out of stock at Overstock, and also appears to be an Overstock-only item since I don't see a brand name on it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    2010-06-27 05:33 AM
  6. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Well, I don't have an 4 yet but I may have a solution for this issue with a dock, I use a Griffin Simplifi dock, (they make several styles, love them, powered by usb or the AC adapter for nightstand use) and it has these plastic pieces that you can take out and adapt it for an iPod or other devices.
    I had a real thick case at one time, and I removed all of the plastic pieces leaving the dock connector very long or longer the reach the contacts so my phone would charge. It worked like a champ.

    Check out these and you'll see what I mean, I feel certain it would work for you.

    I use the Griffin Simplfi like this one (it doesn't show the inner plastic pieces that remove but the link below shows another style but same concept.)

    I attached a pic of mine on my desk, and trust me it will work.

    Griffin Technology: Simplifi - Charge/Sync dock, media card reader, and USB hub
    Attached Thumbnails I think we need a sticky for this! / RANT!-img_0112.jpg  
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    2010-06-27 05:42 AM
  7. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Oh yeah, I'll buy that Konnet iCrado from you if you want to sell it.
    2010-06-27 05:52 AM
  8. Patrick G.'s Avatar
    That looks good. Too bad it doesn't come in black. I'll give it a try though. Thanks!
    2010-06-27 06:26 AM
  9. Meche's Avatar
    Like the Konnet iCrado..
    2010-06-27 07:33 AM
  10. Patrick G.'s Avatar
    ErikH, can you tell me if this is what you have:

    PCMS (BLACK) CRADLE / DOCKING STATION WITH AV OUTPUT, USB HOT SYNC DATA CABLE AND AC ADAPTER FOR APPLE iPHONE - TOUCH - 3RD GEN NANO - PCMS-CRD-IUNI-BK / PCMicroStore.com - Hot Deals on Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronic, Camera Accessories, Ipod

    If so, it appears to be in stock there, and if you can confirm it's the same as the one on Overstock, I'll probably order.

    2010-06-27 05:59 PM
  11. ErikH's Avatar
    Yep. Looks identical to the one I have. I love it, works great. I think you will love it too.
    2010-06-27 07:47 PM
  12. Patrick G.'s Avatar
    Awesome. Thanks!
    2010-06-27 08:12 PM