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  1. daniel_emt's Avatar
    After buying 1 of the 3 hip cases designed for the iphone at my local At&t store, i hated it. It was velcro and to tight a fit. I took it back, and one of the guys working there started looking at different cases that might work, opening them up on the sales floor for me and sticking my iPhone in it and trying it out. And I found a winner. Its a hip case with a magnet clasp that is made for the samsung blackjack.(

    It even has enough room to have a skin or shell on the phone ans stil fit in the case. I don't use a skin, and it holds the phone great. The magnet clasp took some getting used to, since it has a button type thing that needs to click before its closed all the way. Its never come open on me even with it rotated with the flap on the bottom.( It got turned around getting out of my truck)

    Anyway, just thought i would pass it along.

    Since a lot of my freinds and family have iphones, its also nice to have a unique case.

    Its 30 bucks from at&t store.
    2007-09-27 02:26 PM
  2. edw1nk's Avatar
    thats the one ive been using since i bought my phone.
    2007-09-27 05:09 PM
  3. StrictlyBusiness's Avatar
    I've heard that your supposed to treat these things like computers and keep the magnets away, Not quite sure if thats the truth or not but I honestly dont wanna find out either.....
    2007-09-28 01:25 AM