1. TenTwelve's Avatar
    Has anyone seen or made their own splitter (other than the $85 Ridax one)? I want a cable with one male and 2 female ports so, I can charge through one and hook up Monsters wireless remote receiver to the other. I bought 2 extender cables and it will charge over them but, it doesn't send power out to the receiver. Any ideas? Thanks.
    2010-07-02 05:24 PM
  2. gibsonorbust's Avatar
    Ya that Ridax adaptor caught my eye also. Itd be too dangerous to allow power to flow throughout the splitter which is why power is only feeding through one of the connectors (and not powering the monster receiver). It may be a better investment to purchase a new docking station that supports charging, remote control and audio line out. Amazon.com: DEXIM DRA022 AV Dock Station with Remote Control For IPhone 3GS/3G/iPod Touch/iPod: Electronics

    Did you have the splitter? I'm interested in running an iPad with VGA video out and usb charging and would appreciate any testing you could do along that front
    2010-09-09 02:29 AM