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    iPhone 3GS using mywifi app from cydia tethered to my iPad running slingbox pro from Sling Media - Corporate Home purchased at Best Buy $300

    I highly recommend both mywifi and slingbox app

    Slingbox can be found on ebay from 100-300 dollars well worth it. best accessory you can buy for your network slingbox broadcast a live stream of your cable tv from your house to your iPhone or your iPad

    All tv channels I have at home I can see anywhere in the world that I have a cell tower!
    I like to record hot in Cleveland Thursday at 10pm and watch it from work on Friday morning.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okclYyC5dnE&sns=em]YouTube - Iphone +Ipad and slingbox = live tv[/ame]
    Video shot with my iPhone of slingbox working on my system.

    Oh yes you have to buy the iPhone and iPad too excuse me life is not free.
    Home wifi router
    Home tv service

    But if you have a few dollars life can be grand!
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    SkiHound ,,, Loves his Iphone,
    2010-07-20 04:00 PM
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    Free it is not! Lol misleading...first you have to pay for your internet at home so that the slingbox can be accessed then you have to have cable tv in order to have all those channels...so free it is not
    2010-07-20 04:17 PM
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    why do you need an iphone?
    2010-09-13 07:02 AM
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    Yeah u should give him an infraction for that Richard

    why do you need an iphone?
    Assuming he doesn't have 3G on iPad so when no wifi he tethers to iPhone my3g app

    I just carry my dat dish with me, sure it is a bit heavy but as long as I have a clear view of the northern sky I'm good
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    2010-09-13 07:37 AM
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    oh i see haha.

    i thought you needed the iphone as an essential.
    2010-09-14 04:55 AM