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    Hello, so I recently ressurected my iPod nano 3rd gen, I think (it's the square one) and I was playing around with the games and I know there is a way to get more click wheel games on the iTunes store. I checked, but I couldn't find them. I'm in the Canadian iTunes store, if that matters. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to download and sync more iPod click wheel games?
    2010-08-03 01:53 AM
  2. TehRyanLand's Avatar
    I'm not sure if the Canadian app store is different from the US app store, but I'm not sure how to help you out, I'm afraid. Perhaps take a few screenshots of what you're seeing, or try refreshing. If you want iPod games in general, I know this one website where you can sync trivia/multiple choice question games to all clickwheel iPods. If you're interested, pay a visit to if not, I'm not entirely sure how to help you out other than hacking your iPod with Rock Box. Sorry if I'm not much help.

    2011-02-21 06:09 PM
  3. thecartuner77's Avatar
    Oh ya I'm canadian too and yes there is games like asphalt 4 and csi: Miami just go to app store and under it you will see iPod click wheel games. Hope I helped
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    2011-04-15 10:43 AM