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    Ok so I'm the type of person who likes to research something before I commit to buying. One of those things is with cases and fitment. So I have always has some type of full body protection on my I devices. Personally, I prefer bodyguardz. Now the dilemma I faced with my iphone4 was what cases would fit with my full body protection on. So what I'm hoping to do with this bread is for any member input to help those who face the same problem by sharing their own experiences with these products fitting and not fitting. It may not seem like a big deal but it is to some when it comes to choosing wether or not to buy any given case. So wi that said I'll start

    Incase slider cases dot work with my bodyguardz because of the rubber in the case and the tacky feel of the bodyguardz. Together they create a lot of friction that is similar to super glue.
    (iPhone 3G- incase slider, power slider)

    The switch easy nude works but without the bodyguardz sides on my iphone4. To get it to snap it requires a bit of forcing over the lip because of the precision cutting, and the extra thickness of the bodyguardz it is a tight fit but will work to a certain extent.
    2010-09-16 11:58 PM