1. jedwardmiller's Avatar
    Found this site the other day. Guess they are trying to compete with Zagg and all those other guys out there. They are offering free clear screen guards. All I did was pay the shipping, something like $2.50
    Anyway, got the set and it fits perfect! Works great and cost me next to nothing! I will have to get another before they stop giving them away. I am tired of paying $15+ for the kits.
    Click Here - Stealth Guards
    2010-09-23 06:06 PM
  2. Lovertoever's Avatar
    Thanks I have order 2 for 3
    2010-10-20 01:23 AM
  3. jedwardmiller's Avatar
    Your welcome. Good to see someone say thanks!
    2010-10-22 03:13 AM
  4. dotFIVE's Avatar
    How's the quality/amount of bubbles after applying?

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    2010-10-22 05:28 AM
  5. Nightkeeper62's Avatar
    Added one to cart and it asked me to enable cookies on my web browser. If it has to ask me to do this then no thanks. I will pass. I have never had a site request a cookie to be added before continuing with a purchase. Sounds fishy to me.
    2010-10-22 11:49 AM
  6. Lovertoever's Avatar
    You well pay with paypal as I do so why you afraid it's grantee

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    2010-10-24 12:07 AM
  7. Nightkeeper62's Avatar
    Fine, just ordered 2..lol
    2010-10-24 12:42 AM
  8. Nelly998's Avatar
    I got one aswel, haven't put it on yet, thanks bud
    2010-10-24 12:45 AM
  9. Lovertoever's Avatar
    I well use the back one for my I phone 4 as I use the power support one protect front the phone and it's amazing one it's the HD anti Clare that keep my front screen clean all the time and that's why I well use just the other side one and please first one receive it from them it's well be nice to updated her thanks all

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    2010-10-24 01:08 AM
  10. mi1knc0okies's Avatar
    Pretty sweet! Thanks!!
    2010-10-24 08:22 PM
  11. HeenFung's Avatar
    Nice heads up mate.
    Black 32GB iPhone 4
    iTunes 10
    2010-10-25 02:08 PM
  12. Lovertoever's Avatar
    I receive it today and it's take not long time to ship to uk London and I just apply the back one as said before as long my power support HD protect front side and you know what as long it's for back side I just apply without using water and it's fit well and as long I use the leather case on it no problem it's good quality I notice they apply it with water I watch YouTube but its fine for back side maybe front one really need that to be clear more thanks and I hope all receive it soon

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    2010-10-26 03:31 AM
  13. Lovertoever's Avatar
    Today I notice it's look better after 24 h and as I said I apply dray no using any water or anything els just I use the back one I am not sure about front how it's look after apply ?

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    2010-10-26 10:58 PM
  14. Riviera's Avatar
    Thank you, I just ordered one.
    2010-11-01 10:38 AM