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    When the apple peel 520 came to the world, it has become a hit of the seasons. Everyone has heard a lot about the apple peel 520 but no one really witness. And we have seen a lot of positive as well as negative comments on website. However, there will never be a real objective evaluation.
    This afternoon, I finally got this controversial production. Now, let’s judge whether it is a devil or an angle together.

    From the package of the Apple peel 520, I guess the peel 520 might be exquisite as the iPod touch, right? Ah ha… However, I turned to be very disappointed after I opened it. Let me talk about it in details.

    Here are the all parts that contains in the package—an apple peel 520 body,
    a piece of battery, an instruction manual, and a warranty card.
    Among these, the warranty card reading of quality assurance for one year
    , to be frank, I am not confident about the phone customer service of china manufactures.

    The most frustrating point is that the instruction manual said on the official website the customer can download the apple peel installation course, but it is a pity that nowhere in the official website can find the so-called course. I finished the installation according to another reference on the internet.

    Can you guess the material of the apple peel?
    Soft rubber? No…
    silicon? Nope..
    The right answer is the very ordinary plastic.

    Take away the apple peel battery door, the battery capacity is in our sight. The label sticker says the capacity is 1200 mA ,personally speaking, further tests are needed to make sure the real standby time.

    At the bottom of the apple peel, we can witness the 3.5mm earplug port of the apple peel is covering the ipod touch earplug. It is questionable whether this disign can weaken the refined acoustic fidelity of the iPod touch or not.

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    cool. wait, what?!?!
    2010-10-28 03:40 PM
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    2010-10-28 03:46 PM
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    i was about to order one of the case, after i see this post i should wait for something better than peel520 and cost less, $99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!crazy
    2010-10-29 01:40 AM