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    There is a cool website called where they sell all these cool gadgets and cases for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad ect. They sell lots of other things too. Today we will be focusing on the iPhone 4 cases that they sell. The cases are very cheap . If you are looking for a case just so you are not dropping the signal this site is the way to go. The cases are shipped from China so it takes a few weeks but not too long. Also most of there cases (Including the one I got) provide just about no protection to your phone so if you want one that provides protection its worth it to spend $30 on a candy shell case. I would give a rating of about 4.5. The cases range from $0.50-$10.00 so thats pretty good. Cases provide no protection (FAIL). But the shipping is pretty good so if you don't particularly need a case that provides protection go with this site. Hope this review helped !
    2010-11-24 05:44 PM
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    Great review and I appreciate them. iphone case
    2010-12-16 12:09 PM