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  1. ClerkDante's Avatar
    I make this statement mind you having not actually yet received on of their cases.

    When I got my iPad, like so many others I began the Great Case Search.

    After exhaustive research I decided on the Happy Owl Wallet. It was a "preorder" with delivery scheduled for "Late June". Purchase required a $15 deposit. I placed my deposit. June came and went, nothing. July comes and I think all we get is a web posting that they had completed the design.

    Anyway months and months pass with slow, intermittent updates.

    We arrive in December, 6 months now after original "delivery" estimates. Cases are designed, constructed, passed through customs and are available to ship.

    An email finally arrives asking for remainder of balance. I make this payment through the website and again wait.

    Their website begins to fill with glowing reviews and positive feedback (of course their message board screens all posts before publishing).

    So after a few days of this, and no notice of my own shipment, I email asking where my item is.

    "oh oops, sorry, we f'd up a bunch of preorders, yours will go out tomorrow". So if I hadn't followed up, I'd have likely been forgotten all together.

    This was four days ago, I live one UPS day away from them, and I still have no case. I write them again to ask for tracking information and the response I get says, basically, "we can't get tracking info from our shipper, watch our website for status updates".

    It may very well be the single greatest iPad case ever designed and maybe someday soon I'll be able to judge this, but at this point, this is the most poorly run companies I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with.
    2010-12-11 03:53 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    Sounds shady. Thank you for letting us know. I hope you get your case though...
    2010-12-11 07:03 AM
  3. ClerkDante's Avatar
    I've now gone 3 more days without a case AND without them bothering to respond to emails, all while making sure to fill their website with "positive" comments.

    This doesnt resolve soon, well ****, I don't know, but I gotta do something.
    2010-12-14 01:19 AM
  4. nlastella's Avatar
    Couldn't you take legal actions over this? I mean yeah, it's just an iPad case, but you did pay your money for it, whether it be a down payment or the full thing. If you don't get anything that's stealing and you could have a lawsuit there. Have you mentioned that word in an e-mail to them? Just mention a lawsuit with a little threat and I'm sure you'll get a response or even the "CEO" of whatever they're running.

    Well, good luck to you. I hope you eventually get your case and it is the best ever.
    2010-12-14 01:56 AM
  5. ClerkDante's Avatar
    I've got fraud protection through the credit card used for purchase, not so much concerned about that, it's just shocking to see what an incompetent barrel of numbskulls a company can be.

    I'm also not really a big "empty threat" guy.
    2010-12-14 02:27 PM
  6. ClerkDante's Avatar
    So this is what the world has come to. I finally got fed up enough to make a bit of a threat (BBB, Credit Card fraud protection etc.) and lo and behold, the following morning I get a tracking number (which shows the item was just picked up). It's a shame it took all of that just to get something they had promised ages ago.
    2010-12-15 06:43 PM
  7. nlastella's Avatar
    Told you that you had to make some kind of threat :P
    2010-12-15 08:28 PM
  8. karmicwhimsy's Avatar
    I ordered a blue Happy Owl clutch recently, and it arrived in a week. They must've gotten a little better organized.
    2011-01-05 02:33 AM