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    Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2

    So the iPad 2 came out and with every portable device apple releases they usually release a case design with it. The Smart Cover is apples special design case that utilizes magnet technology not only to attach the case to the iPad 2 but also serves as a sleep/wake mechanism. When the case is flapped closed it puts the iPad 2 to sleep and when it is opened it comes to life. The Package is very Simple as all Apple packing is and comes only with the case and some instructions printed on the backing of the package.

    The Apple iPad 2 case was designed to be a minimal protection case as most of their case designs have been(apple bumper, ipod socks). The case attaches by magnets on the side of the iPad, when you not using the iPad it is closed and the case protects the screen. The inside of the case has a soft foam feeling material that will protect your screen while it is closed. When the case is open you can swing it around the back and it will protect the backside while the screen is exposed. The Apple smart cover is more of a functional cover than a protective cover and i will get into that next, the case does not protect the sides and will not give much protection from drops.

    The Apple Smart Cover is one of the most functional case designs I have seen. The cover is in four sections so it can be folded into a triangle which gives you two viewing angles, one that gives you a keyboard type feel for sitting in lap or on desk and on angle for viewing video which has a steeper angle. The Smart Cover has magnets inside of the cover that connect to magnets inside the ipad that keep it closed when flapped shut, it also serves as a sleep/wake mechanism. When the magnets connect it turns the iPad off and when the cover is pulled open the iPad turns back on. The cover is very slim and has a soft lining to keep the screen clean protected when closed, it also gives some good grip when folded up to keep from sliding around on the desk. Overall the Smart Cover does everything that apple designed it for and works very well.

    The Design of the Smart Cover is great with the magnet attachment and sleep/wake magnet system Apple really put some good design time into the cover but there are a few features that I found to be weird. So if you flip the smart cover over and use the ipad you hand comes in direct contact with the soft lining that touches the screen, so if you have oily hand or anything it will transfer to the ipad screen when you close it. I also felt like apple should have released a full body case with the smart cover Incorporated into the design. Apple usually sets out to make a minimal case and they did just that. The Quality of the cover so far is pretty good, the magnets are very strong and the covers doesn't slid around when in use. The hinges have small hard plastic pieces to keep them from contacting the ipad case when opening and closing the smart cover. The angles for viewing when the smart cover is folded up are spot on for me and the magnets in the smart cover even keep it folded into the triangle for a secure standing position.

    Overall the Smart Cover is a great option for minimal protection. We will all have to sit and wait to see if companies will incorporate the magnets into the design of there cases and even leave room for the Smart Cover to fit with the case. These cases come in a bunch of colors and in a leather option, check out apple site for color options, the cost $39 and $69 for the leather

    check out the link below for a slide show of high quality pictures
    Weisjt Tech House: Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2
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    2011-03-17 03:08 AM
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