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    Ever wanted to get your iPhone 4 converted to white? I know I have, and I am pretty sure that dozens of people have wanted to also. Unlike some other people though, I like to go with a half and half styled look. Thankfully, I stopped by iPhone 4 Parts and picked up both a brushed metal back and a white OEM replacement backing for the iPhone 4. While I like to lean more toward the Apple orientated look, it was nice to know that some companies are stepping up their game and offering a wide array of different style backs and designs. Interested to see if these replacement backs will hold up to the original black Apple back? Read on for the full review of the iPhone 4 Parts white and metal backs to find out.

    Let's kick off the review by first taking a look at the packaging. I am not usually one to care about packaging, however, iPhone 4 Parts did such a wondrous job with their packaging that I just had to take note of it. Unlike some other companies who use large or over complicated packaging, iPhone 4 Parts has decided that it would be best to use the simplest packaging possible. My backs arrived in a very small polycarbonate box that had bubble wrap engulfing each and every corner. It took me no more than thirty seconds to un-package my replacement backs due to the fact that the backs were held in the box by a very thin and easy to rip off piece of tape.

    First and foremost is installation, arguably the most important part in this type of situation. To install the back replacement on your iPhone 4, you simply (and this applies for all iPhone 4 backings) take a very small screwdriver (search the web for the right size, as different generations of the iPhone 4 have different types of screws, such as pentalobe, Phillips, and Torx) and very careful uninstall the tiny screws located at the bottom of the iPhone. Once that is complete, simply slide your original backing upward very carefully with both of your thumbs. Next, set aside the back and use your new backing by placing it in the correct slots. Just like you did with the original back, you are now going to push the back into place, although this time you are thrusting downward. Fasten in the screws, and your done. It's as simple as that.

    Let's first start off by talking a little bit about the white OEM backing. I am a huge fan of the all glass back that has been chosen for the iPhone 4. While the plastic back was no doubt very sexy when on the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the back of the iPhone 4 just looks amazing. Although, I do find that the back is a little bit on the boring side. So I decided to switch it up a little with a white back. The white back from iPhone 4 Parts is stated to be a original Apple back, and I tend to agree with that statement. The white glass feels exactly the same as the black glass and has some of the best quality dugouts ever seen on a back. The camera and the flags both line up right on the dime and the Apple logo looks absolutely fantastic. I am pleased to report that I have had no problems using the camera with the flags enabled. I have been extremely impressed with the white replacement back from iPhone 4 Parts.

    Let's take a quick overview of the metal back for the iPhone 4. Even though this is not an OEM product, this still feels of the highest quality. The brushed aluminum feels great in the hand and adds a unique (but comfortable) feel when being held. As far as the design and the cutouts go, most of them were right were they should be. While the camera cutout is right on the money, I discovered that the flash is not exactly centered properly. Although, this did not affect the camera or the flash in any way. I also want to point out that there is a black border that surrounds the camera and the flash, although not very Apple like, I found it too look quite well. The apple logo and the iPhone information are painted on and while I definitely feel that slight rise of the paint on the glass, iPhone 4 Parts did an exceptional job in painting the back of the aluminum back.

    So far, I have been absolutely thrilled with the replacement backs that iPhone 4 Parts provides. They make some very good replacement backs, conversions kits and are available for some very generous prices. If you are looking to change the look of your iPhone 4, I can highly recommend iPhone 4 Parts. Hit up the link to get your hands on a back replacement for your iPhone 4.

    Rating: 4.5/5


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    2011-03-30 03:42 AM