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    I just got it in the mail today. Im not to sure I like it. The case and keyboard itself are great pieces, but I think I prefer just a regular case. It makes the I pad feel like a notebook and honestly I am not looking for that feeling. I may just sell it, or get a floding leather case with a keyboard attached to that! Anyway, I just wanted to share.
    2011-04-19 01:10 AM
  2. AccessoryGeeks's Avatar
    I know the feeling. I hate the feeling of added bulk. It's true that people like the sleeker and more advanced feeling of technology. That is why sleeker gives off a better vibe. It is also easier to carry and handle.
    2011-04-19 08:23 PM
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    I was interested in that case as well, but had the same reservations about turning my ipad into a notebook feeling tablet. I decided to go with a bluetooth keyboard and I couldn't be more happy.

    I did however decided to order a zagg invisibleshield instead since it was "available". what a waste. after getting yanked around by their customer service telling me that it was on backorder... they told me I could cancel. I emailed them an hour later and 2 days later I get an email back from them saying "too late to cancel because it shipped" but the free shipping doesn't even come with a tracking number. after 4 days of nothing I then filed a paypal complaint and that got me nowhere because apparently they had a tracking number for the item that they never gave to me. the shield finally shows up and I said **** it and threw the front protector on because I already had an icarbons on the rear (ordered after the zagg and delivered 3 weeks before the zagg!!!!) Now I have this stupid protector on there that just attracts finger prints and dust/lint (especially around the edges of the screen) and generally just looks like a crappy orange peel on there. Im gonna take it off as I think my smart cover does a good enough job protecting the screen when it needs it. just a bit peeved that Im stuck with this $40 turd. not gonna bother trying to return it and have to deal with those people over and Im not even gonna sell the back that I haven't used to anyone, I would feel horrible.

    sorry for the rant just needed to vent and let everyone know how horrible zaggs CS and products are. I find it hard to believe they sell anything worth owning.
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    2011-04-19 08:57 PM