1. iceburgdesigns's Avatar
    hey everyone! i rarely post on here, but read religiously! i just made a custom homemade case for my ipad 2 and thought some people might be interested. as of right now, its just a prototype, but im hoping to finish it off in leather or something similar. any suggestions or comments are welcome! check it out!

    YouTube - iceburgdesigns???
    2011-04-19 02:58 PM
  2. kadernal's Avatar
    very interesting dude, you cant even really tell it's duct tape in the video. it could just be my monitor tho.

    nice job.
    2011-04-19 10:11 PM
  3. iceburgdesigns's Avatar
    yeah the video makes it look pretty good. you can definitely tell in person. i used gorilla tape, made by gorilla glue. its got a little bit better finish then duct tape. but once i can source some leather the game plan is to have it finished off nicer.
    2011-04-20 05:48 PM