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    SIGNIcase Zebra Wood case for iPhone 4 (compatible with AT&T and Verizon)
    (from my mate's blog)

    The SigniCase Zebra Wood case for the iPhone 4 is a handcrafted, light weight (weighs just 22 grams) case made from eco-friendly "zebra" wood. The zebra pattern is laser engraved onto the wood surface.

    I really love the looks of this case. Ive been testing out the case for about a week and have received several compliments. The case has a smooth finish. If you look at the photos, you would expect a ridged surface. The "ridged" look, however, is achieved by laser engraving, and hence, the surface is actually very smooth (which is not ideal for grip).

    The case is very flimsy. It came with a warning saying "Do not use protector film on the back or it may crack the case" (something to that effect). Not exactly confidence inspiring. During installation, I tried to be very ginger, since it felt like the case would crack if I pushed too hard. The case did install easier than expected and the fit is very snug. I did have to be careful during installation since I did not want to bubble-up my screen protector.

    The case provides a very healthy front lip which was a welcome surprise. Great lay on the table design. While this case provides good scratch and bump protection, I would not be very confident dropping it. I fully expect the case to crack into several pieces if I drop it on a hard surface. I believe the iPhone would be protected in such a scenario, but due to its flimsy nature, the case itself would not survive such a drop.

    As you can see in the pics above, all ports are extremely recessed. The case is compatible with both AT&T and Verizon iPhones due to the way the cutout for the volume buttons and mute switch is done. I did have issues access the power/sleep/wake button. A small detent is provided where your index finger would rest naturally when you hold the phone, but the button is still fairly recessed and one has to dig in with one's index finger to fire the power button.

    Using third party charger cables is out of the question. A dock can be used provided you install a dock extender.

    Overall: A beautiful case that is a bit flimsy but provides good bump and scratch protection. The zebra wood design is very eye catching.

    Rating: 3/5
    Price: $40 shipped
    Available here:,

    More pics here :
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    This case maybe have a good protection from the high temperature for lasting using.
    2011-05-23 09:51 AM