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    please spare me the "LOL OMGZ USE GOOGLE DUMMY, LOL IM SO WITTY" comments please, ive obviously already been searching on there and im going in circles, i know if seen both these things posted on here, im just having troubles remembering the links and names of them.

    a ways back i saw that their was a company selling power chargers at a mac convention (show even?) and they were matching colors, simple to use etc. they were about the size of a external hard drive. can anyone point me in the right direction? im having trouble finding the post, and the website and forgot what the heck they are called....anyone able to help me?

    im also looking for an "altoids" charger, like the minty boost, except it comes prepared for you already and in a black silver/tin can already. ive bought and made my own minty boost, but i am looking for the one thats pre-assembled. anyone know what im talking about or where i can find those?

    thanks for any help and links....

    this was the site i was looking for:
    HyperMac Nano 3600mAh External Battery for Apple iPad/iPhone/USB (Black)

    still can find the "bare" tin charger though....all i find is minty boost and thats not the one im looking for
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