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    I am looking for a wireless audio transmitter for my ipod and my audio system. I have outdoor speakers that attach to a AV system in my living room. I attach a Amazon.com: Belkin F8Z180tt07GLD-P Y Adapter Cable for iPhone 3.5mm Plug/2-RCA Plugs;10ft: Electronics cable to the AV system using the AUX Port. Then I take the 3.5mm end of that cable and attach it to my Ipod/Iphone/MP3 Player. It gets very annoying to keep going back inside to change songs everytime. What I am looking for is a wireless adapter that the 3.5mm end of that cable can attach into which connects wirelessly with another adapter that attaches to my Ipod/Iphone/MP3 player. Preferably using the 3.5mm connection but the Dock Connector works too, just want it to be compatible with Iphone 3G - Iphone 4 and the Ipod Touch 2G-Latest, and Ipod Classic 5G and on. Please let me know if you know of anything that would help me out. Thanks in advance!!!
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    2011-06-03 12:28 AM