1. tom jerry's Avatar
    Leopard Grain Leather
    2012-05-28 11:01 AM
  2. Lilianaaadams's Avatar
    pink! It's so cute with white snap on case.
    iPhone 4S White / Verizon
    2012-06-15 01:41 AM
  3. celeron's Avatar
    White and green
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    2012-06-15 01:49 AM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    2012-06-15 01:58 AM
  5. thomaspeter's Avatar
    I am going to buy a new one, which will be complete grey, I hope it proves to be my lucky color!
    2012-07-12 01:05 PM
  6. bootsy001's Avatar
    nice grey one from Proporta.
    2012-08-30 04:37 PM
  7. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    bought a blue one from target. I actually wanted dark grey but they didnt have it in stock. I like the blue but Im worried it might get dirty easily.
    2012-09-03 09:13 AM
  8. LilyKing's Avatar
    the present one is red.
    2012-09-04 04:24 AM
  9. scorpluto's Avatar
    My Ipad case colour is red ! super cool !
    2013-01-12 12:26 PM
  10. PeterBishop's Avatar
    of course black, just like Henry Ford once said "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black" :-)
    2013-01-21 03:23 PM
  11. johb's Avatar
    I get black cover it's look so good
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    2013-05-21 11:30 AM
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