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    Vaja is known for making some of the best leather cases for the iPhone, iPod & iPad, so really there isnít a lot that needs to be said. There one of the most popular (if not the most popular) leather case makers that the iDevices market has come to known. I was lucky (very, very lucky indeed, thanks Vaja for the review sample) enough to get my hands on their new line of iPad 2 cases, one of which is called the Libretto for the iPad 2. The Libretto comes packed with a plethora of different features. Very much like the Apple Smart Cover, the Libretto features a front cover similar to a folio that incorporates the sleep and wake function. The leather is made of Vajaís exclusive floater leather that feels very soft in the hand. Lastly, the case equipped a small stand on the back that supports two modes just like the Apple Smart Cover. So, does the Libretto have enough high end quality to cover the expensive price tag? Read on for the full review to find out!

    As always, letís take a quick look at the packaging that comes included with the Libretto. My Libretto for the iPad 2 came in a white perforated box that had a rainbow type pattern to it. As usual with most high end companies, you donít get any goodies with the case, just the case itself. As far as installation goes, I found it sort of difficult at first to install the iPad due to how stiff it was. After a few days of usage though, the case loosened up but still retained a tight enough fit. For anyone that's wondering, this is a snap on style case, so you it won't take very long to actually input the iPad 2.

    Letís take a quick overview of all of the openings, ports, and other views. On the front of the case you will of course find the flap that incorporates the sleep/wake function as well as Vajaís logo caressed very slightly in the bottom right corner that appears to be made out of aluminum. On the back you will find a huge opening for the camera and the sleep/wake button that has presented no flash issues as of thus far and the sleep/wake button is very tactile. You will also find a metal stand (also features Vajaís logo) on the back that interacts with the front. Opening up the case you will of course find the iPad itself hinged into the corners and a nice microfiber lining to keep the screen on your iPad 2 nice and clean, and a large opening for the dock connector and the speaker hole, the dock connector is large enough to fit with most third party docks and I found that I had absolutely no trouble reproducing sound out of the speaker.

    Now, the stand function that this case incorporates is very simple and intuitive. To actually use the stand though, you have to first fold the front part of the case back and insert it into the metal stand that is present on the backside of the Libretto. From there you have one of two viewing options, a landscape mode that is angled at a very steep degree for watching movies and things along those lines, as well as a landscape view for typing and writing notes, and so on and so fourth. The stand, while being very sturdy and not wobbly by any means, did in fact do a great job of implementing each of the activities described above. Itís nice to see that Vaja went the extra mile and included a stand for typing and creating a more handy workflow.

    As far as the quality of the leather goes, itís absolutely fantastic. The Vaja Libretto is made out of what appears to be floater style leather and Vaja even went as far as calling it ĎVajaís Exclusive Leatherí. There really isnít any other company I can think of that makes the highest quality leather that I have experienced like Vaja did (except for the exception of Piel Frama, maybe). Vajaís leather has a very smooth feel to it and in my honest opinion offers a very cool and unique look to the looks of the iPad 2. The leather has definitely been standing the test of time and in my opinion has some of the most durable and highest quality leather available on the market today.

    Now, I do have one gripe about the Vaja Libretto though. Vaja has always been know for marking their cases at a ridiculously high price, and that is no exception with the Libretto which costs $160 (itís still not as much as its twin brother, the Leather Agenda which is $220) and all you are getting is the case with that. Still, the Libretto is easily one of the most beautiful cases I have ever felt and used. The combined ability of functionality and simplicity make this case one of the best cases available for the iPad 2 and the leather is some of the best ever used in an iPad case in terms of quality and durability. The only thing holding me from giving this a near perfect score is the price. Then again, leather is expensive, but $160? Not a lot of people will dig that. You can pick up the Vaja Leather Agenda for the iPad 2 on Vajaís website and you already know what the price is, so if you have the money, go and get one for yourself, because youíll be in for a treat.

    Rating: 4.5/5
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    2011-06-11 07:41 AM