1. iCloud's Avatar
    What do you think is the Peel 520 or C worth its price?

    I think its expensive as you are paying for only the baseband chip, mic, speaker and some other little things. You can get a complete 3G (fast internet not iphone 3G) phone (with processor, screen etc) for $100.
    But then you are (almost) getting an iphone without 5MP cam etc.

    Those of you who don't have iphone but ipod touch, are you interested in buying this?
    2011-06-14 12:55 PM
  2. mimi11's Avatar
    Absolutely agree! It's so expensive to me .
    2011-07-22 02:13 PM
  3. drkgremlin's Avatar
    its expensice
    2011-10-22 05:20 AM
  4. samuel_asido's Avatar
    Im planning to get peel520II but my pocket doesnt seem to like the device. Lol
    2011-11-02 05:34 PM
  5. Pierre3400's Avatar
    Just know that Peels have no IMEI number, and will not work in alot of coutries.
    2011-11-02 11:05 PM
  6. amyking's Avatar
    it's really expensive,
    2011-11-17 07:10 AM