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    REVIEW: e13ctron Aluminium and Acetal Hybrid Bumper

    This review is on the final production model of the e13ctron acetal hybrid case for iPhone 4. The hybrid section of the electron case is the back peice, it greatly reduces the amount of reception problems that you expeireince with all aluminum cases. You can buy just the back or front piece or the whole case combination. The package comes in a few different baggies with the case, 8 screws, 2 plastic inserts and a wrench for installation.

    e13ctron makes bumper style cases made of aluminium and a acetal back piece, the way that they incase the iphone with the plastic insert to keep the aluminium from resting on the antenna band is very unique but it also makes the case absorb a little more shock them the average aluminium case. You will want to put a screen protector or skin on the front and back to add a little aditional protection. The e13ctron case will protect you from small to medium drops but be careful as you are always vunerable to breaking the glass with bumper style cases.

    The e13ctron case is pretty functional and is one of my favorite cases. There is lay on table lip on the front and back to keep you from scratching the glass while laying it down on different surfaces. The cutouts for the speaker, mic and the 30 pin dock connector are seperate cutouts, the 30 pin dock connector is a pretty tight so some third party cables will not plug directly in and you will need to use a dock extender. The volume buttons and the vibrate switch has two separate cutouts, the case is cut slimmer around all of the cutouts to make pressing the buttons easier. I find that you still have to poke your finger in the cutouts a little to press the buttons but it isn't to hard at all. The headphone jack cutout is a medium size cutout and you shouldn't have any problems using mobile phone headphones as they usually have very slim plugs like the apple headphones, you might need to use a extender for some of the larger plug jacks. The on/off buttons is pretty easy to press and has a good sized cutout. The case is very comfortable to hold and doesn't add to much bulk to the iPhone so it slides in and out of pockets and purses pretty easily.

    The quality of the e13ctron case is perfect in my use, I havent found one blemish or quality control factor with this case. The aluminum front piece is very sturdy and has a great color to the anodizing that is perfect, the acetal back piece is also very sturdy and durable. The acetal back allows the case to perform without effecting reception and gps. The front piece uses the plastic insert to keep the aluminium from touching the antenna and the back acetal piece has the insert incorporated into the design so you wont need to install one on the back. The design of the e13ctron case is great, it has a very unique design and look compared to other aluminium cases.

    I have been doing a good bit of aluminium case reviews the past few months and it is great to review one that has little to no reception problems. I have tested this case for two weeks straight in different areas to make sure it works correctly and all I can say is it does.
    DECIBELS- I would see a 1db to 3 db drop with the case installed if even that. Most of the time it wouldn't even lose that much but if it did lose some reception 3db was all that I would see.
    WIFI,GPS,3G- Wifi and 3g speeds were not effected at all. The gps worked flawlessly everywhere that I used it.

    Overall the e13ctron hybrid case is a great deal, for $69.99 you get a stylish aluminum hybrid case that doesn't effect reception. The full aluminum option is $84.99 so you get a decent price drop for the hybrid option which most companies charge more for. The e13ctron case is my favorite hybrid aluminium case on the market so far and the price makes the deal even better. Check out the color options at e13ctron.com. Check them out, I highly recommend the electron hybrid case and for the price it cant be beat!!
    2011-06-18 11:07 PM
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    I really like Hybrid case,it's functionality & design is very superb. Everyone like this. I am currently using leather case & now i am move to Aluminium and Acetal Hybrid Bumper case. Thank you for your suggestion.
    2011-08-26 09:07 AM