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    REVIEW: Lucky Labs Teksure Carbon skin for iPad2

    Lucky Labs specializes in making vynil skins for electronic devices, today we will take a look at the Carbon Teksure Series for the iPad 2. If you like skins for their minimal protection or you like to just have a extra layer of scratch protection between your device and a case these Lucky Labs skins are great.

    This is a vynil skin so it isn't going to protect your iPad 2 from dents and broken glass when you drop your dvice. The Teksure skin will protect your iPad 2 from scratches and scuffs of every day use. I like to use skins because they are thin and fit in most iPad 2 cases so you don't have to worry about scratches from debri inside the case and if you want to take it out and go without a case then you have the stylish carbon skin still on the iPad. The skin doesn't cover about a 1/4 inch all the way around the iPad 2 which leaves a little area to be scratched and scuffed up.

    The quality is top notch and the Teksure skins are reusable which is a great feature to me. I like that skins have a cut out for the apple logo if you want it. The quality and feel of the Carbon Teksure skin is a nice weaved carbon texture that adds a little grip to the iPad. The design of the Carbon Teksure Skin is where i could see a slight improvement. Due to the size of the skin it doesn't cover the entire back of the iPad 2 which makes it much harder to line up when installing, but if you take your time then you can get it. Also due to the size of the skin it leave a good bit all the way around the edge exposed, I think that they could have covered a little bit more of the back but the curved edges of the iPad 2 would have cause some problems.

    Overall the Lucky Labs Teksure skin for the iPad 2 is a great minimal protection option. You can pick these up from The Lucky Labs for $19.99 in many different teksure options, you can even add any color or teksure apple logo for $1.50 to mix it up a little bit.
    2011-06-22 05:26 PM