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    REVIEW: Mivizu Sense Leather Folio Stand for iPad 2

    Here we go with another iPad 2 case review, this one is on the Mivizu Sense Folio stand for the iPad 2. Mivizu makes products for a couple devices including the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, the Sense Folio case comes in a decent thin cardboard package and breaks the wallet at only $39.63 on amazon. It comes in black, grey, green, pink, and blue so you have many colors to choose from. The case is made of genuine leather so for $39.63 that is a pretty good price.

    The Mivizu Sense is a pretty protective case, the back has a leather covered pad sewn on to provide extra protection from drops and just setting iPad down. The genuine leather wraps all the way around onto the front of the iPad and covers about a 1/2 inch onto the glass, so you can set the iPad 2 down with the case open and it will give you lay on table protection so you won't scratch that screen up. The cover of the case is is leather on the outside and microfiber on the inside so you won't have to worry about the cover scratching the screen. This case is not made for extreme drop protection so if you are super clumsy then look at the otter box or gumdrop case. The back leather piece and the front leather piece are sewn together and make a hard edge all the way around the case so dropping it on the corners from minor heights you should be fine. With the folio case closed you are well protected.

    This case has some functional features but some of those features need a bit of work. To start off all of the cutouts have good size and make it very easy to reach the buttons and ports, you will not have any problems using third party connectors and large headphone jacks. The iPad 2 is held in by a leather flap that tucks behind the iPad to secure it into the case. The leather across the front glass has two notches cut into them for the camera and home button. The folio covers works just like the apple smart cover, it folds into a triangle and can be used in landscape mode only, either laying in typing position or standing up in media viewing mode. The cover has some flaws, while it does have magnets for the on/off feature it doesn't have magnets to hold the cove into a triangle for typing of media viewing. When the case is folded and standing up in media mode the tension on the triangle keeps it folded and it is fairly sturdy but if you lean it forward to move or pick up it immediately comes out of the triangle position and needs to be refolded. Also there are no magnet that keep the case and cover closed, so when you close it the cover can flap around turning your iPad on and off. The speaker has holes cutout and the sounds escapes pretty well without distortion. The viewing angles are pretty good I just wish it had some magnets in the cover.

    The quality and design of the case are where most of the problems occur for me. The design is ok, there are no magnets to keep the cover folded up which I would have liked to see. The overall fit of the case is the slightest bit loose, and no matter how hard I tried to align the cutouts correctly they were always slightly off. The cutout around the volume buttons is a little loose, the leather that lays on the front glass doesn't lay down flat on the glass and when it is a stand position it pulls the flap close to the cover even more creating about a 1/4 inch gap. The top cover has a little to much play in it and can cause the on/off function to go on and off while carrying the iPad. While I like the pad on the back, it adds a good bit of bulk to the case. The quality of the leather is pretty nice and for the price it really can't be beat, there are much cheaper cases for more money on the market.

    Overall the Mivizu Sense case has some flaws but is a fairly decent case for the price. you get a genuine leather iPad 2 case for $40 dollars, yes the cover lacks a closing mechanism and the cutouts are slightly off but I am very particular about these things and if you think you could live with it or you want a real leather case without spending $200 dollars check the Mivizu Sense out it could be for you.
    2011-06-25 12:25 AM