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    Can you buy a second (third party) screen for the ipad2 so you can have a movie showing on both the ipad and the second screen? We are going to buy an ipad2 and wanted to use it for when we are travelling in the car to show movies to the kids in the back of the car - hang the ipad on the back of the headrest and hope to have a second screen on the other headrest.

    I have googled this but haven't found anything. Many thanks in advance.
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    2011-07-24 02:24 AM
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    You could buy a small computer monitor with a VGA input and use the Dock to VGA adapter for the iPad 2. I would think for the best results you would want one that is XGA (1024x768) resolution to match the iPad resolution. You need to figure out how to supply power. Some computer monitors run on 12VDC. You can always use an inverter and use the AC adapter that came with the monitor. You'll also have to make some straps to hold it in place.
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    2011-08-25 09:20 PM