1. sillisquid's Avatar
    I ordered a Treegloo case for my iPad 2 seven weeks ago. Long story short, I was given a 2-4 week estimate (till it shipped). That slipped to another week. Then another week. I still haven't received notification of shipment.

    I asked for a refund, and they haven't responded yet. I tried to request a refund from Paypal, but because it's been more than 45 days, Paypal won't help out.

    I've heard good things about Treegloo, but I appear to have lost $57. Here's some screenshots to show the correspondence. Buyer beware...

    Bad experience w/Treegloo-paypal-dispute.pngBad experience w/Treegloo-correspondence-2.pngBad experience w/Treegloo-correspondence-1.png
    2011-07-27 06:03 AM
  2. sillisquid's Avatar
    It wasn't until I made posts to the forum, and on their facebook page that they instantaneously gave me a refund. It sucks that I had to go that far to get decent customer service, but oh well. I ordered my portenzo last night. Wanted to get them in the first place, but decided to give treegloo a chance. Whoops.
    2011-07-28 03:41 AM