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    I made this leather iPad sleeve, maybe you will like it!

    Handmade Leather iPad sleeve / case / natural by calfunk on Etsy

    This iPad sleeve fits iPad or iPad2 with or without smart cover. It is made with 1mm thick vegetable tanned leather so it wouldn't add much weight to your backpack / handbag.

    Source of leather: Vegetable tanned leather sourced from the manufacturer that finishes leather for Louis Vuitton .

    Stitch work: Very detailed 2mm stitch work (it takes 2 hours just for the stitching!)

    Button: Copper

    Interior treated and polished so it is SCRATCH PROOF for your beautiful iPad.

    Optional*: USB cable connection opening on the top side.

    2011-08-02 06:56 AM
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    Thanks a lot!
    2011-09-20 01:05 PM