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    I just saw this case the other day. Coming from the Griffin Survivor, Otterbox Defender and Lifeproof case...I am looking for something that adds protection, but doesn't take away from the beauty of the phone.

    What caught my eye was the fact that it closely resembles the Defender for the 3G/3GS model -

    Explorer - Griffin Technology
    Member at HoFo - "Rrazr-X7"
    2011-10-12 07:47 PM
  2. blkrazr-X1's Avatar
    Wow 342 views and no one has anything?

    Ok so what about the Griffin protector -
    Member at HoFo - "Rrazr-X7"
    2011-10-17 02:01 PM
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    The Explorer looks like a re-brand of the knockoff Otterbox Defender cases from China. I have one, as well as the Survivor, the Defender, and the Lifeproof case; they all take away from the look of the phone, but IMO, the Lifeproof is the most asthetically pleasing of the bunch.
    2011-10-30 08:38 PM