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  1. mike.dee's Avatar
    I'm looking to get new headphones for my iPhone. I don't want in-ear earphones. I want outter ear ones. I need ones with a volume control and mic on the headphone wire. I'm looking to spend up to around $200.

    So any recommendations? I was looking at some Dr. Dre's, but heard they break easily, is that true? I was also looking into Bose. Any other brands worth checking out?

    Also, if you recommend a pair, please explain why you recommend them.

    2011-11-11 02:22 AM
  2. BamaTundraGuy's Avatar
    I love my Bose. Bought them at the Bose Outlet and have had no issues at all with them. I highly recommend them.
    2011-12-03 04:04 AM
  3. amyking's Avatar
    how about the Dynamic Stereo Around the Ear Headphones, it is comfortable.
    2011-12-05 07:53 AM
  4. Jess27's Avatar
    I have some beats by Dr. Dre. the are awesome.
    2011-12-05 09:04 PM
  5. pagehere's Avatar
    I highly recommend them.
    2011-12-10 01:41 PM
  6. Online Slots's Avatar
    buy it from apple online store
    2011-12-13 07:46 AM
  7. ifine's Avatar
    Bought them at the Bose Outlet and have had no issues at all with them.
    A lot of them are used for things like mathematical modelling of climate change, objects in space moving around another etc.
    2011-12-20 06:17 AM
  8. eskimo88's Avatar
    I also have Bose- on ear noise cancelling. I had a problem with them once and bose replaced them for free no questions asked. Fantastic product and customer service! Not sure if any of their products have wire controls though.
    2012-01-14 07:25 AM