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  1. LiliB's Avatar
    I'm thinking of buying this for my husband for christmas...any thoughts?
    The Ultimate Fridge Magnet - the first and only Apple iPad fridge magnet mount | The Spectator
    2011-11-26 11:13 PM
  2. briansturridge's Avatar
    hmmmm....yeh that could be cool...! would be great for looking up recipes and using to stream tv while eating breakfast etc.... b
    2011-11-29 06:36 PM
  3. LiliB's Avatar
    Yeah, I also found these on the same I am torn as to which are more useful....fridge mounts for when I am cooking or car mounts for the kids! Apple iPad Car and Wall Mounts plus FridgePad | The Spectator
    2011-12-01 09:32 AM
  4. crock01's Avatar
    Thanks Lili, good find. Car mount for the kids, would be my preferred option. Not sure that cooking and being distracted would be good culinary news!
    2011-12-01 05:56 PM
  5. blplunk's Avatar
    Not sure I would want to intrust a $600 machine to a couple of magnets. Kinda scary! Lol
    2011-12-11 05:52 PM
  6. LatinGeo's Avatar
    Man created Gorilla Glue, put it on the back of the defender outer case snap in or snap it out
    2014-06-08 07:26 AM
  7. NEOMO's Avatar
    Maybe this case could solve your problem.
    Attached Thumbnails iPad fridge magnet! Thoughts?-fridge.gif  
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    2014-12-10 07:48 PM