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    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and would just like to introduce myself. I took the liberty to do a search of the previous threads, but don't believe there is one on this issue.

    I recently bought a camera connection kit, 5 in one, from eBay, and all in all it works fine in terms of connecting. I use iFile, and with that I can access either my Transcend USB or 32GB SDHC card, so that was awesome considering I only have a 16GB wifi iPad 2.

    The main use is to watch movies on the SDHC card. What I do is cause the videos are all avi, I copy shortcuts into the VLC media player folder "Media" and everytime I plug in the hardware, the links are valid in the VLC app. Although that's a hassle, it's very minor unless someone has a solution or easier way to get files to play directly from iFile (avis that is, mp4 etc. I just click open in and that works a charm).

    The problem I have is every time I plug in the CCK and SDHC card, I have to wait about 10seconds for the Photos app to come up, and display "No photos to import". That's fine, so I dismiss that and go to VLC, open a video, and start watching. But after around 5 minutes, the "No photos to import" comes back up, forcing me to switch to the native Photos app, and then restart VLC (which thankfully saves the position I was up to). It feels like mini commercial breaks, but it can be a real pain in the but.

    So please could someone tell me, when using the camera connection kit, how do you stop getting interrupted by the 'No photos to import' issue.

    Btw, I have downloaded and purchased "resupported" so that gets rid of any "this device is not supported notifications" but that was only half the issue. Also I noticed that occasionally that the device will just disconnect altogether, though that tends to be random.
    2012-03-19 03:53 PM
  2. dlthakkar's Avatar
    i am facing the same problem. have you found a way out. somwhere i read, this may be due to non-apple cck. have you tried out apple cck.
    2012-05-30 12:47 PM