1. scorpluto's Avatar
    For persons like me who tend to drop their phones every once in a while, protection for the phone is necessary. So i went for a case so that it wont get that effected by these falls.
    2013-02-14 09:08 AM
  2. beefnoodlesoup's Avatar
    I usually just use screen protector and a tpu case with my phones, great balance of protection/bulkiness for my uses.
    2013-02-22 12:28 AM
  3. Bruse's Avatar
    Ya. What about this Case? Do you really need one?-iiiiiii.jpg

    I am badly in need of a keyboard case for my Apple iPhone 5 in a cheap rate. By searching online I get a beautiful designed and also have many useful features. As like it is lightest keyboard, aluminum enclosure, new technologies, new compact circuit applied inside and also many more. Also it is in a cheap rate. So what what do you think should I go for it? Here is the link: http://www.jsxltech.com/products/sha...apple-iphone-5. Please suggest me
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    2013-02-28 05:57 PM
  4. Nikhil Gorwani's Avatar
    I do not prefer cases but to protect my iPhone from scratches and in case I drop it, I am using it.
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    2013-04-22 10:20 AM
  5. Jeffwo's Avatar
    I had several different cases then realized I needed something for extended battery life so I got a Mophie Juice Pack that serves both purposes. mophie iPhone 5 Juice Pack External Battery Case Extender

    or here...http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_no...+pack+iphone+5
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    2013-05-13 02:13 AM
  6. Nikhil Gorwani's Avatar
    iPhone looks stunning anyhow. Do you really enjoy keeping your phone in a case?
    You are right Iphone has unbeatable look and features in all phones. But If you want to maintain its look for long then your should use Iphone case.

    It will help you to increase durability of Iphone.
    2013-05-29 12:36 PM
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