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    After looking all over for a 5 star case, I decided I wanted to try out the Portenzo Italian Bonded Leather case. I watched many YouTube videos and read about them a lot and really liked how they looked like a book when closed (this was the feature that drew me most to them) so it wouldn't draw that much attention.

    The date I ordered my case, the processing time on the website was 7-15 business days. I thought that was fair, but when I didn't receive any confirmation by the 16th business day, I sent customer service an email. About 8 hours later I received an email stating that "due to an unexpected increase in orders due to the new iPad, processing time was now 17-21 business days."

    As you can imagine, this did not make me happy, but I would DEFINITELY want a properly assembled case than a thrown together one done in half the time. I waited once again, but by the 22nd business day, no email again. I wrote customer service, replying to the email they sent me from my first inquiry, but did not receive a reply (maybe due to responding to that same email). After not receiving a reply for 2 additional days, I sent another email, this time using the "Answers!" tab on the side of the page, trying to be as understanding and kind as possible...

    The next day, I receive a very professional response stating they had been overwhelmed with orders from the release of the new iPad and were working hard to get orders out. I really appreciated the response, however I did not write an email response as to not take up any more of their time helping other customers. I requested to have my case sent 2 day air at no charge for the delay, and they complied. Their dedication not sacrificing quality for quantity says a lot about their company, something which is not found much in this world we live in today...

    I was originally worried about my case being rushed so they could get more orders out in time, but that wasn't the case. I received my case 36 days after placing my order, but I am very happy I waited; every aspect is how I imagined it, from the smart cover function, magnet closure, and intellistand feature. The case wakes up the iPad with the smart cover feature, but when folded over when open does not put it back to sleep like other cases do. the magnet closure is able to hold the cover shut adequately, although I would have liked it to hold it closed with a little more force. It will keep the case closed, a stronger closure is just personal preference. It still is much better than fiddling with a strap all day.

    All the corners and edges are smooth, no snags or rough spots at all. Buttons are accessible, but right up against the base, not ideal for individuals having sausage fingers (just an observation). I'm not a fan of the "hidden power button", but I do like thar it conceals more of the iPad's body. I can get it to work about 75% of the time.

    I opted for the black Italian bonded leather, blue cloth interior, magnetic closure with no strap, camera opening, and intellistand feature.

    The edges are nicely beveled and sanded.

    Intellistand feature

    iPad is held in by "rubber feeling things" for the lack of a correct term. It is easy to insert and remove the iPad from the case.

    One thing I noticed cosmetically is that when closed, the case isnt perfectly square:

    Not a huge deal, just an observation. Also, when using it in portrait mode holding with two hands, it is difficult to type with both thumbs (split keyboard) due to the thickness of the spine on the left hand side.

    Overall it is a fantastic case, I have received many complements on it. For those waiting for one, be patient, yours will come. We aren't able to see the hugh queue of orders they are working. If you are able to wait, you won't be sorry. You will enjoy this case. Thanks again Portenzo team![/quote]

    One thing I forgot to mention was the Audio-Flow Sound Chamber feature they advertise. It works as advertised, directing the sound toward the user. I haven't tested it extensively to see if it actually "enhances audio quality" like they claim; I haven't noticed a drastic improvement with this feature over, say, cupping your hand behind the speaker, BUT it is nice to have this "hands-free" feature (pun intended).

    You can see this feature in the bottom right of this photo:

    2012-05-10 09:18 PM