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    The prices for replacements vary quite a lot on eBay, some as low as about 3 though the ones that are branded as 'genuine' start at 8. How can i tell which ones are worth buying?

    I dropped my iPhone in water, the phone works perfectly but the back camera doesnt. Occasionally the LED and front camera work though. Im also thinking its only the devices and NOT the connectors that are damaged as i heard crackling noises from the back camera area when it was first wet (there were bubbles also in the back camera lense which i tried out using the rice trick).
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    2012-06-15 06:41 PM
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    Amazon.com helps a lot. Here is a quick search for you. Read a couple reviews and see how it goes. I bought a few parts from muchbuy.com and all the parts worked well.

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    2012-06-18 06:51 AM
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    Ah okay thanks for that, now i know not to buy the cheap unofficial ones. Where can i get official parts in the UK or what are some US sites that sell legits and ship overseas.
    2012-06-18 09:07 PM