1. snappybux's Avatar
    I've been looking to buy a case for my iPhone because, even though a lot of people think it 'won't' break, I have bad luck with phones! lol I always manage to crack the phone one way or another....

    I had an andriod phone, the Samsung Galaxy before the iphone and I liked the soft cases better with it as hard cases didn't seem to do squat....

    Is that the same for iPhone's? I'm assuming it is but this is my first time with one so it'd be nice to know which is better.

    Also, I'm going to buy a case from here:

    New iPhone 4 4S 4G Soft Gel Silicone Rubber Case Cover Many Beautiful Designs | eBay

    This seems like the best price I've found and the seller has good ratings for their cases so I'm kind of excited to buy one of these cases as I LOVE the designs!

    Problem is I can't pick which one I like best! lol Any opinions on which looks better? That double red heart case really has captured my heart! lol
    2013-01-10 05:54 AM
  2. thevmax's Avatar
    Soft cases do seem to cushion the drop somewhat.
    I have a simple black soft silicone case that I use regularly, ($5 on ebay).
    I also have a hard real wood case that I use too, ($15 on ebay).

    If you are really paranoid get the Griffin Defender Case or the Otterbox Defender, (both run around $50, discountable on ebay.)
    2013-01-11 07:38 AM
  3. scorpluto's Avatar
    In My opinion , the seventh option looks good - the one with flowers in white background. Hope you will be able to make a good choice
    2013-01-14 03:32 AM