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    looking for a "swiss-army" type of cell phone case but nothing bulky. I came across this one from google images but it looks like a rendering and not real. Anybody know of anything and I'm not talking otterbox but, more like something that has tools and a knife.

    2013-09-12 12:58 AM
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    So I ordered the case above which is an IN1 Case, I bought it from In1Case - The ultimate iphone utility case and I hope it will be everything I want.
    2013-09-26 07:46 PM
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    got my IN1 case in the mail today, whoohoo can't wait to check it out when I get home. My gf opened it up and tried it out on here phone and she said it wasn't bulky at all and now she wants one lol
    2013-09-26 11:53 PM
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    So I plan uploading some pics of this IN1 Case but just as an fyi, I love my new case...It has helped me out in multiple situations recently from having to sign credit card receipts all the way to a hang nail I had lol.
    2013-10-09 10:33 PM
  5. The Professor1's Avatar
    I purchased this IN1 case from their website In1Case - The ultimate iphone utility case after basically a few years of hoping for some sort of multiple tool case for my iphone. Well I have gotten it and I couldn't have been any happier with the case. I found this forum doing research for the iPhone 5s and I feel like may be giving back a little bit.

    No I haven't received my 5s yet but I did use this case on my 5 for the meantime and it's pretty awesome. The case is not bulky, the tools and features work as they should, the case itself looks pretty cool...I just ordered a starship trooper looking case that is white & black that looks cool.

    Well here is the case I got, it's pretty neat and high quality.

    2013-10-10 09:36 PM