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    To compare these two power banks, they are pretty much similar but have different physical shapes. Anker is cuboid and Lumsing is octagon. They both have one USB socket for output and one micro USB for recharging itself. Both have LED indicators. Both have a inner LED light can be turn on to use as a flashlight. They both have 5Volt and 1Amp output. (one Amp output is not enough for 1.3Amp required most Samsung devices, will result a slow and long charging period) You donít feel much differences when you having them both on hand. And both offer a free pouch for carrying around the power bank. Which is nice because those connectors are hard to organize without a bag. In spite of this, the price is quite different. Anker is 29.99$ and Lumsing is 22.99$. There is 7$ difference on the price but I donít see that much on those items.
    Attached Thumbnails Anker or Lumsing power bank? which one?-20131108103852.png   Anker or Lumsing power bank? which one?-20131108103752.png  
    2013-11-08 08:53 AM
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    anyone is ok
    2013-12-16 11:15 AM
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    To compare these two power banks,maybe more people will like to buy anker,but the Lumsing is more cheaper than anker,maybe they think lumsing is OK.how to choose is up to you.For me,i have the best one,has a massive 8,000 mAh capacity and intelligent output control system, it can Compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, Tablets, GoPro Cameras, MP3 Players, Mobile Gaming Devices, Bluetooth Devices, and other USB charged devices.but the price is expensive than anker and lumsing.Maybe you could check it in google:KINKOO,i think you will like it.
    2014-02-10 09:48 AM
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    got the point .. when Lumsing is cheaper and Ok then why not .. i am looking forward to it .. appreciate the suggestion
    2014-02-10 01:24 PM
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    Their quality are most the same,why not try the cheap one?
    2014-02-13 03:22 AM