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    I didnt have any extra power pack until I got into trouble once. I was about travel to a near city. At first I was playing games with my iPhone 4s on train, then soon after I fell asleep with the phone on! When I arrived four hours later, my fully charged phone had only few juice left. I soon noticed my mistake cuz I needed the GPS to get to my destination. I had to spend extra time to find a electrical outlet for recharging. The first thing I returned home was got myself an extra backup battery. Since I have no idea about power banks my friend recommended some of his favors. After a few research and comparing I picked one with 5200mah from MPJ online. Only 25 bucks i avoid this type of mistakes would cause hiccups in my travells or any on the go in the future.
    2013-11-20 08:00 AM
  2. Wyman's Avatar
    Indeed, I have a usb power bank from mio. The only problem is that my iPhone 5 tends to heat up when being charged from the powerbank. It does not heat that much when charged from the powerplug.
    2014-03-10 03:53 PM
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    Almost a 2 year old thread, way to dig them up dude.
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    2015-10-23 06:12 PM