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    I've got an alu bumper case, a DNA case on my 5S. I had a similar one for my 4s and never had any problems. But now I notice a dramatic decrease in strenght of my WIFI signal at home with the case on. When I take it off the strenght is basically the same as on my iPad. So is there a Faraday problem here and I suppose it's the same with other metal bumper cases?
    The reason I love this case is it's design and I can have the phone stand on its side on a hrd surface for selfies, time lapses etc. etc.
    Any advice on a non metal case I can use in a similar way ( having the phone standing on it's side)?
    iPad Pro 128GB iOS 9.3.3
    iPhone 6s 64GB iOS 9.3.3 JB
    2014-01-23 12:47 PM