1. cleargold's Avatar
    I just bought a icombi and an trying to get music through my jawbone but nothing is coming out the Jawbone speaker. The headset works on phone calls but the icombi does not seem to be sending anything to the jawbone. The icombi does bring up the "not made for iphone" message when I plug it in and the icombi blinks a blue light non stop. Does anybody have any clue on how to get this to work?
    2007-10-05 01:29 AM
  2. mjohns's Avatar
    The icombi is a bluetooth stereo adaptor (a2dp/avrcp). The jawbone does not support the stereo a2dp profile. You'll need a bluetooth stereo headset that at least supports a2dp..prefer one that suports the headset or handsfree (HSP/HFP) profile with muti-point or such (the ability to connect to two devices at once: connect to both iphone and icombi to support both calls and music). The icombi does not support HSP/HFP.
    2007-10-05 01:44 AM
  3. simonca's Avatar
    how is the sound quality, for example compared with the direct plugin of the iphone headset? Thanks.
    2007-10-05 10:40 PM
  4. mjohns's Avatar
    I use this with a Jabra BT8010 and I imagine that the quality of the headset has a lot to do with the quality of the sound. For the BT8010, which is very-very loud even for calls, it's more like FM stereo than CD. But not having wires is the big plus. I'm thinking of getting the new Plantronics (can't remember the model--looks like the 665) as both left and right are in-ear type plugs which I'd prefer. The bt8010's are the surf-board style headsets--looks kind of dorkie when wearing both so I usually only wear one side.

    Also, static is a problem when near electronics esp microwaves.
    2007-10-06 08:10 PM
  5. simonca's Avatar
    thanks. Have you considered or tried any Sony Ericsson bluetooth stereo? Such as ds970, ds980, ds200? I am thinking to pair with a ds220.
    2007-10-06 10:58 PM
  6. mjohns's Avatar
    Sorry, no Sony equipment here although they do make some nice stuff.
    2007-10-08 05:51 AM