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  1. Mrdabbas's Avatar
    I think this is the wrong thread area...

    But if anyone can help I'd appreciate it

    I cannot restore my 120gb iPod classic

    I dunno what gen so I attached a pic

    It gives me error 1439

    I put it in disk mode... Same result

    Any help please?
    2011-05-03 08:59 PM
  2. Mrdabbas's Avatar
    Here's pic
    Attached Thumbnails iPod classic won't restore?-imageuploadedbymodmyi.jpg  
    2011-05-03 09:00 PM
  3. Joemamafoo's Avatar
    Have you tried updating your iTunes and Firmware?
    2011-05-03 09:07 PM
  4. Mrdabbas's Avatar
    Have you tried updating your iTunes and Firmware?
    I just click restore on the newest iTunes.. When I click restore it should update to the latest one right?
    2011-05-03 11:28 PM
  5. Joemamafoo's Avatar
    Yep that's right.

    Not sure about Ipods but with my IP4 when I got those errors I would close out Itunes then put my phone into DFU mode then run a JB and it would boot up.

    Usually with the errors the process of the restore was done it's just a matter of booting it up.
    2011-05-04 12:14 AM
  6. 2k1's Avatar
    3194 error means you trying to go to a version that apple isn't signing anymore.
    2012-04-12 11:25 AM
  7. Anna Yu's Avatar
    Same here!! My iPod Classic 160gb won't restore. When I connect it, iTunes says it's corrupted and needs to be restored. When I try to restore, iTunes tries to install the update and then restore. Then iPod resets, like it was restored, but it isn't - there're all the files that there were. When I try to restore it in disc mode, iTunes just can't restore it and shows error 1439.

    I tried to format it, but Windows says, that it cannot format it. Both in "normal" and disc mode.
    When I try to open it i, it says to insert disc.

    iPod is visible both in My Computer and iTunes. In iTunes - as corrupted. My Computer says it has 0kb.

    iPod itself works fine - it plays music and do other stuff that iPod should do.

    What should I do?

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium.
    2015-10-26 06:59 AM