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    So my 5th gen video stopped working, no clue why, it wouldn't boot and would emit a high pitched whining noise when plugged in. I bought a broken 6th gen off eBay since it seemed to at least work a bit better than mine (it would start up and display the red X with the Apple support website URL). Come to find out, it was the hard drive in it that was bad, so I figure I'd take my old 5th gen HD and try it out in this one. Lo and behold, the old HD was fine after all! And it boot up fine saying to plug in the iPod and restore with iTunes.

    HOWEVER, the 5th gen's HD was a TAD thicker than the 6th gen's. So, while completely functional now, my iPod does not fit back together.

    Hack & slash repair job on my iPod-ipod1.jpg
    Hack & slash repair job on my iPod-ipod2.jpg
    Hack & slash repair job on my iPod-ipod3.jpg

    Maybe I can figure something out.. make my own case somehow? Duct tape it shut?? Well, it happens to fit in my old 5th gen's hard case just fine, and snug enough that it holds it all together... the holes just don't line up properly. :P

    Hack & slash repair job on my iPod-ipod4.jpg
    Hack & slash repair job on my iPod-ipod5.jpg

    No biggie, it's only purpose is to stay in my car. For a $44 'broken' iPod, I'm happy.

    Moral of the story: 5th gen HD's do not fit in 6th gens!!!
    - Dai

    Oh Apple, how I loath thee. Why do I still use your products???
    2011-10-05 08:51 PM