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    Hi guys,
    I recently broke the screen on my 5.5 Gen 30 gb iPod. That is fine cause I have had it full for a while now anyways. So, I ordered a 5th Gen 60gb iPod. Everything works fine on the 60gb. I would like to remove the logicboard from my 30gb 5.5 and install it in my 60gb 5th gen. I have looked around but have not found anyone that has done it. I have read that some people have had issues installing a larger drive into a 30gb 5th gen ipod though. So, If all of that goes to plan, would I be able to use the 5th gen logicboard (from the 60gb ipod) with the 30gb hdd and case? I was just thinking if so I could replace the screen and resell it as a 30gb 5th gen.
    2011-10-26 10:21 PM
  2. viper33802's Avatar
    just to give an update, It worked great. I now have a fully functional 5.5 gen 60gb ipod & a working 5th gen 30gb iPod with a broken lcd. just had to restore each iPod after hardware swap.
    2011-10-27 06:11 AM