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    So I dug up and found an old iPod classic of mine with a ton of albums I had yet to put on my new pc build. I plugged the iPod in and was met with the familiar message of this iPod is not connected to this PC do you wish to erase and sync with the new itunes library. I of course hit no. I proceed to put my ipod into manual disk mode in which it does without flaw however as soon as it goes into disk mode it shows up on my computer as a drive but then disconnects itself before I have time to do anything. I've tried different computers, cables, usb ports, and nothin. Even showing the hidden itunes folder and trying to pull off files that way does not work. Is my iPod shot? Is there any way to get this music off my iPod? I really don't want to re rip a ton of cds
    2012-10-14 08:56 PM