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    I know this is a older model, and most people might say its not worth the time to try and fix, but after finding out how easy it was to jailbreak an iPhone yesterday, I thought it would be worth a shot to try and fix this one, and probably give it to my mother who has always wanted one, but thinks she wouldn't be able to understand it.. I'm sure that she would find an older one much more simple than a new iPod touch or something of that sort... any help would be awesome! I haven't used this thing in so long, the only thing I can remember how to do is a soft reset by holding "Menu & Power" at the same time. Anyone know how to do a hard restart or reboot? Or is there possibly any software that may make this useable again? Will not sync to iTunes neither.. Thanks for any help!
    2013-03-25 08:23 PM
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    NOTE: PROBLEM SOLVED! Through a lot of searching on the internet I found some help! After doing a restore on this iPod, you are asked by iTunes to plug it into a wall charger.. I did so, but the USB wall charger adapter was not the charger that Apple recommends. Evidently the original wall charger gave a bigger amperage output, so, I went to OfficeMax and purchased a 10amp output USB Wall Adapter! I'm not sure if a 10 amp is actually required, but it obviously was much stronger than the 1.0amp charger I was using before that had came with a cell phone. If you are having this problem as well, check the tag on the back of the wall adapter to make sure that its output is more than 1.0amp... I have quite a few of these that came with other phones, and all of them seem to be a 1.0amp output! Hope this helps!
    2013-04-09 06:48 AM